George Foster Leal - My Biography

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George F. Leal was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1951. After graduating from Framingham State College he began pursuing a writing career while supporting his young family by taking teaching positions in English and History at local High Schools. His mainstay of employment was always in the Specialty Metals import and export business where he is employed today.

He is the author of “Desire Provoketh”, a novel about the Henry Hudson mutiny of 1611, which took place in what is now known as Hudson’s Bay. His interests in history and the unknown elements of history led him to research and write this novel. Utilizing actual logs of Hudson and the diaries of three crew members he describes the first half of the journey in vivid detail. The second half, after the mutiny, has remained a mystery for years and was ripe for fiction. While history knows what became of the mutineers it has also ended Hudson’s story on that fateful day, June 24, 1611. This is his first novel, although he has written short stories and articles prior to writing “Desire Provoketh”.

His second piece of fiction is a two volume work of the Irish sagas and legends that date back to the 1st century. Titled “Horses of the Sea” it is the story of the Ulster cycle of legends that introduce such characters as CuChulain, their mightiest warrior, Conchobar mac Nessa, Queen Maeve and many others. These legendary characters come to life among the magic mix of battles, kingdoms, love stories, tragedy, and the arch rival of CuChulain, a one armed giant mercenary called Ruhn, known as the Scourge of the North. These sagas are rich with the tapestry of 1st century Ireland, complete with all its beauty, mystery and legends.

A recent completed trilogy of the Spanish Conquest of the New World, titled “Sayola, the Conquistador Series” follows Cortes in Mexico, Pizarro in Peru and Coronado in southwest America as told through the eyes of Friar Marcos de Niza. Known to the Indians as Sayola, the One Who Talks to the Gods, he weaves a far different tale of the Spanish butchery and lust for gold than history likes to portray. Filled with action, intrigue, murder, betrayal and love the trilogy tells the story of the conquest of the mighty civilizations of the Aztecs and Incas, toppled by a few Spaniards whose lust for gold knew no bounds. His latest novel is “The Lost Colony of Roanoke” has recently been released by American Book Publishing.

He has remained a native of New England with its rich historical background. He has a son and daughter that are both married and are teachers by profession. Since meeting and marrying his lovely wife Pam he resides in Bellingham, a small town in Massachusetts where he continues to write historical fiction.