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Don Robeson is an archaeologist working with the Egyptian Antiquities Council searching for the Lost City of Alexandria in the Mediterranean. When Don and his crew uncover an ancient diadem that may lead to the lost tomb of Cleopatra he is suddenly the target of modern day grave robbers, antiquities pirates, the Al-Mukhabarat al’Amma, the secret police, foreign divers and corrupt officials, all desperate to gain fame and fortune. Don soon realizes that they will stop at nothing to steal the find and claim the discovery of Egypt’s oldest mystery.

When his good friend and colleague, Professor Arack Abdul-Clatta is taken hostage, Don knows he has to do whatever it takes to get his friend back. His quest for his missing friend and the suddenly missing diadem will lead Don from the depths of the Mediterranean, to the Kom el-Shoqafa, the Catacombs of Alexandria, to the great Western Desert outside the city limits. In a foreign country, Don and his crew are strangers who don’t know who they can trust or who they can turn to.

Don vows to his beautiful girlfriend, Kathleen Caulder, that “the diadem belongs in the hands of the Egyptian Antiquities Council and Cleopatra’s lost tomb belongs to the Egyptian people as part of their long and wonderful history”. Don is determined to see that happen – no matter the costs.

Now, with time running out and his ruthless enemies drawing the net tighter and tighter, Don uses all his former training as a Navy Seal to keep himself and his crew alive, and to rescue the diadem, the key to the ancient mystery of Cleopatra’s tomb.