The oldest mystery in America is about to be revealed when an archaeologist unearths a hand written journal at the Fort Raleigh dig site on the island of Roanoke. The journal, dated 1587, may be the key that unlocks the fate of the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

Professor Archibauld Caulder discovered the journal and called his fellow archaeologist, Don Robeson, to help authentic his find. Don had always admired the infamous Professor Caulder while he was a Navy Seal and had followed the Professor’s exploits for years before becoming his prize student and colleague. To Don, the great Archibauld Caulder was the genuine article, he was a real life “Indiana Jones”. They had teamed up to share in several real finds over the years but this one was different.

Soon after Professor Caulder gives the journal to Don, they both find out that someone is after the journal and will stop at nothing to get it. Suddenly the professor dies under mysterious circumstances, his beautiful daughter, Kathleen, shows up, the hunt is intensified and Don is running for his life. This was no movie, but real life and death.

As Don scrambles to read the diary and unravel the mystery of the Lost Colony, he is pursued by a relentless force, intent on destroying the journal and all those who stand in their way. It will take all of Don’s training and combat experience to keep the journal from falling into the wrong hands and to keep himself and Kathleen Caulder alive.